Game and Wario or Sonic Racing?

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User Info: linkboy447

3 years ago#1
Hey guys I got like 30 or 40 bucks to spend on a game. I'm trying to decide between these two... or any other suggestions. thanks!

User Info: Vyers

3 years ago#2
I'd say Sonic Racing. Feels really good, while Game and Wario feels a bit too much like a tech demo. Subscribe for LPs of Pokemon Snap, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Super Mario Bros. 3, Bionicle, and more~!

User Info: linkboy447

3 years ago#3
gotcha thanks!

User Info: _Taidow_

3 years ago#4
Sonic Racing. Beware though the game's difficulty is high.
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User Info: muffinmasher

3 years ago#5
Sonic Racing is awesome, I put tons of hours into it.
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User Info: ibrokethedam

3 years ago#6
I haven't played Game and Wario, but I agree with everyone else that Sonic Racing is a very fun game.

User Info: Banjo2553

3 years ago#7
Sonic Racing. 'Tis a great kart racer, I love it. Spent so many hours on it and haven't even really played online mode yet.
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User Info: Iokua

3 years ago#8
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User Info: Jiryn

3 years ago#9
Sonic Racing is amazing, and people say it's more skill oriented then Mario Kart.
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User Info: 43past5

3 years ago#10
Sonic Racing. Easily the best game in the genre.
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