If your a fan of nintendo now is a great time to own Wii U.

#1XboxFanPS2Posted 8/1/2013 12:41:04 PM
I read alot of topics where people are upset with the wii U and I'm not understanding why. I get that the games are slow right now but you've had Super Mario Bros Wii U and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as well as Lego City Undercover.

You have Super Luigi U released which may not re-invent the wheel but its a nice addition with more levels of a game that most people already love (SMBWU). Pikmin 3 is coming out in less than a week. Wonderful 101 looks like viewtiful joe design meets a strategy style game. Which if your looking to give new franchises a try I think this will be a sleeper hit.

With the holidays coming up you have Sonic lost world, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Super Mario World 3d and wind waker HD,

And on the Horizon a smash brothers, Mario Kart 8, Monolith softwares new franchise X, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and the new yoshi game inspired by Kirby Epic Yarn.

I get that people always question where the games are but patience is a virtue. On a final note I am not a fanboy. I have owned every console ever created since the atari minus the jaguar and game gear. So I assure you I am not biased. I own a 360 and will be getting a PS4.

You know nintnedo's track record, you know they live and breathe off of first party titles so you cannot expect them to throw the whole catalog at you in the first few years. Just one person's opinion...
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