So Monolith Soft's X releases next year...

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The funny thing is, FF XIII was in development for 6 years. FF XIII-2 only took 1 year and was in many ways a better game.

Poll fail.

Xenoblade > FF XIII-2 still
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I selected 3 years, but I feel like 2 years is enough gap between series esp. when Monolith aren't even making any other games (atleast not any that I know of). Maybe 2.5 years max.
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Stupid poll.
how could you do this to me. on the year of luigi
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The Game would've been in development for 4 years by the time it comes out, how much longer do you want it to take?

Blocky textures hurt my eyes. Maybe another 4 years would be good when the Wii UU releases I may be able to avoid a headache when it comes out?

Thank you for confirming you are a troll. Makes life easier for me because I can add you straight to my ignore list. Anybody with common sense will do the same or never complain about trolls again.
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