I sold my Wii u but i regret it..sadfaqs :(....Getting console back advice

#1K-R-A-N-G-Posted 8/4/2013 11:55:57 AM
Has anyone tried to get their console back from gamestop? I stupidly traded my Wii U for Deadpool game and Walking Dead FPS one (facepalm) and store credit. I was nervous about it but my friend said the wii u is done im only losing money keeping it, so i did it (i think he just wanted to play deadpool)

the games are so bad especially walking dead shooting game its nothing like the tv show not scary or funny at all. So I'm planning to go back to gamestop and demand my wii u back before they sell it.
#2FFXIgaiaknightPosted 8/4/2013 11:57:00 AM
no way to get it back once traded in.
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#3K-R-A-N-G-(Topic Creator)Posted 8/4/2013 11:58:46 AM
really? i got the receipt they aint even had it 24 hours, i feel ripped off
#4STN79Posted 8/4/2013 12:02:19 PM(edited)
Selling a console you were so thrilled to buy in the first place is just stupid. You ain't gonna get no sympathy outta me pal. The thing isn't even a year old yet and you just give up on it? Real wise decision there buddy.
#5K-R-A-N-G-(Topic Creator)Posted 8/4/2013 12:03:20 PM
sympathy? im asking for advice, don't be another angry internet dude whos just looking to fight its patethic. Get out of the thread if you want to fight or go on ps4 / x1 boards and join the console war while we figure out how to get my wii u bk SwiftRage
#6Tech_SupportPosted 8/4/2013 12:03:34 PM
Well buying it in the first place was a bad decision so I'm not surprised you made another one.
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#7K-R-A-N-G-(Topic Creator)Posted 8/4/2013 12:04:59 PM
I had fun with the wii u but heard its dying and i want gta 4 so i thought i could have the money now incase
#8RamunePosted 8/4/2013 12:07:30 PM
It's simple. If you want any of the exclusive Wii U games, buy another one when the time comes.

If you don't, accept your decision and don't look back.
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#9S1NFULPosted 8/4/2013 12:09:43 PM
What if they already sold it?
#10JiZamezPosted 8/4/2013 12:10:29 PM(edited)
Tech_Support posted...
Well buying it in the first place was a bad decision so I'm not surprised you made another one.

QFT. The dumb part wasn't so much that you sold it, it's that you traded it in for trash games and at Gamestop of all places. Could've easily ebayed it or craiglisted it for a lot more, Nintendopes would easily pay a bundle for it, as long as it's just a tiny cheaper than retail price.