Pikmin 3 praise and criticism

#1sugarshaneo7Posted 8/5/2013 8:18:48 PM
in between drinking, watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia and playing Pikmin 3 I decided to make this thread. I am 3 to 4 hours deep into the game. first time pikmin player. I am impressed. first, the criticism.
the enemies should have been given a little more choices to intervene on the player and done more to make me scatter or protect my pikmin with more difficulty. but I understand Nintendo needs to appeal to a more age group range. Pikmin do have trouble following my characters around but I am patient so this isn't too big of a deal. praise. where are these muddy environment textures coming from? either my excellent eyes or quality tele don't see it, or I'm an old schooler used to playing on crts in the past and appreciate hd more. damn this game makes you think it's so awesome. every step along the way is a well thought out and paced perfectly so far. I am using the gamepad and honestly I'm not having trouble with the controls. tremendous production quality too. discuss.