Why do people assume that Bayonetta 3 will be multiplatform if 2 does well?

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Because Nintendo would be losing lots of money. Right now they have to pay sega

Publishing liscense
Portion of each game sold
Exclusivity contract

Then pay platinum enough in labour that it would it than making a game and getting a cut of sales

The reason why sony and nintwndo dont go to valve and go we'll make half life 3 is because there is no money to be made making other peoples games.

If bayonetta 2 does well seg will guage how much money they would get making the game on 3 systems and nintendo will have to pay sega to make it worth their while. Because you know, sega can also pay platinum to make bayonetta...

great analysis.

And I don't think bayo 2 won't do well because the first one didn't sell well. It has nothing to do with nintendo

It will sell worse because of Nintendo. It, for sure, will not sell as well as the 1st one did, and for sure, it won't sell the way NSMU sold. It's not Nitnendos fault it's going to sell worse, it's just the reputation that Nintendo has, and created for itself over the years.
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A wild NINTENDOHATER appeared!
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A wild NINTENDOHATER appeared!

Don't take erasedMUSE too seriously. I've seen him attacking Nintendo and defending The Last of Us multiple times on this board.
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