My Wii U seems to freeze a lot.

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User Info: STN79

3 years ago#11
@ mobius1rising

Hah no kidding man! I stopped using PS3's browser a long time ago because of the constant lock ups. The Wii u's browser is fantastic by comparison!

User Info: andrea987

3 years ago#12
I doubt it's overheating or an hardware issue, most likely is a game-related problem. Most launch games seems to suffer from it. I had freezes with batman, fifa, sonic and nintendoland, and still have. Never had a problem with need for speed (apart from that off tv issue, never experienced it though) or pikmin.
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User Info: mcsmellington

3 years ago#13
Mine used to freeze all the time. I've not had it happen since the updates, but then again I don't really use it anymore, so it may well still have the same problem, for all i know.
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User Info: FreedomOfTought

3 years ago#14
Lego City freezes from time to time,especially(probably only)when playin for 2+ hours.
It's actually good sometimes,cause i just find myself unable to stop playing by myself :)
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User Info: smash66

3 years ago#15
Mine freezes quite alot.
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