The Wonderful 101 is going to only ship 30000 copies in Japan.

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They don't think it's going to sell a lot. :(

To be honest Nintendo does this a lot, even with some of their own titles. They test the waters first to see what the demand is before increasing the supply as needed. They hate to waste money on manufacturing.

I think Nintendo is being stupid with this game in that they're not pushing it nearly as much as they should. They're holding back on marketing for this game on purpose, as if they're afraid that it might outsell their own Pikmin 3.
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So, at MAXIMUM attach rate, this will sell 30k U's. Lulz

aw i dont think squatch understands maths how funny

Yes squatch he is right, the maximum amount of Wii U's this game will sell in this shipment is 30k. Silly guy
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Or maybe they decided to follow NoA's "brilliant" example and make a ridiculously low ammount of copies to force people to buy digital... -_-
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lol eep
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