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So...what's the verdict on Hyrule Warriors, for those who imported it?Diayamondo68/21 11:06AM
I miss the Paper Mario series because it has lost its identity and PMSS ruined
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Chenmaster2228/21 10:56AM
So the last major 3rd party developer has given up on Wii U.
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Bongbuddy268/21 10:39AM
the issue with 3rd parties is that they went after the xbox and PS guys....zado1958/21 10:28AM
Looks like Smash Bros. has a chance of getting delayed...
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Diayamondo148/21 10:21AM
Gamespot: T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, Mario species = (homo nintendonus)KarateJons48/21 10:17AM
You know, I'd support third parties if they actually put games on the Wii U.
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SegavsCapcom698/21 10:17AM
Are we getting No More Heroes 3?kukingina238/21 9:33AM
We Wii U owners dont need anything else from Ubisoft, we got our Mario Games !
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MyCheeseIsSoFat228/21 9:28AM
Don't worry peeps, Xenoblade Chronicles X will save the Wii U.CheeseIsSoFat88/21 9:07AM
Blacklist is so violent. How did nintendo allow this game on their system?georgeclonypony98/21 8:48AM
Any chance we'll see a Splatoon release date in a December Nintendo Direct?Diayamondo108/21 8:46AM
Wii U lacks third party support?PhaseBlack108/21 8:32AM
Can you digitally buy Wii titles from the Wii U e-shop?D33p_Inside38/21 8:23AM
So the new Starfox game is episodic?
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YogaPantsLover348/21 8:22AM
Will Super Smash Bros save the Wii U?ThunderSeal18/21 8:11AM
Who says hyrule warriors will be repetitive?
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ponypower666198/21 8:10AM
an idea to combat the lack of third party support for Wii Ukoalabear930168/21 8:07AM
Total WarGeorgeSearsR4S38/21 8:03AM
I think I finally understand the logic behind a combined handheld/console
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iKhanic138/21 7:59AM