Nintendo is the only company without exclusives for older mature audiences

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What series do Sony and MS have that are 'mature' and just for older gamers?

Gears of war, Halo, Elder scrolls, among others.

Halo seems about as "mature" as Metroid, though I haven't played it.

Gears of War is totally a teenager idea of a mature game.

Haven't played the elder scrolls but seems fine to me. Doesn't seem much more mature than any RPG though.
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Another topic where anyone who doesn't say something satisfactory to the almighty nintendo gets gang bashed.

TC didn't say he thinks Mature games are better, he said it would be better if Nintendo also had Mature series' in their exclusive repertoire. And before people go off naming Mad World or Red Steel, we're talking about series', spanning at least 3 games, not just one game and it's sequel that were never heard from again. Metroid and Fire Emblem are good examples I saw while skimming, but I can't think of much else, and denying that there is legitimate negligence of Mature Nintendo exclusives without giving me a decent amount of examples that span at least either 3 games or 2 generations, is just blind fanboy denial.
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nintendo is kiddy
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nintendo is kiddy

Still have more fun games than Microsuckers though.
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nintendo is kiddy

i don't think you're in any position say things like that with that name.
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Bayonetta 2

Target audience: teenagers
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bayonetta 2......
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Nintendo own Metroid, Eternal Darkness as well as co-own the Project Zero/Fatal Frame series which all fit into the mature category. They also have third-party exclusives that fit into the mature age range such as MadWorld, Bayonetta 2 and ZombiU.
Nintendo also had some third-party exclusives which were mature before they went multi-platform such as Resident Evil: Revelations & Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge.
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Isn't nintendo supposed to have games for everyone so why don't they have those first party exclusives for the older crows? They wonder why sales decrease when they just keeping making games for kids and not appealing to the much wider older demographics whom buys more games than kids. And people here will say that my definition of mature games is fps's or gory games and its not Im hyped for beyond two souls and that is also a mature game because of the in plot and emotional elements

Lacking "mature" games is not the reason, the lack of good games is
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I love Nintendo, and every fan knows that most of their games are aimed at children. There aren't many mature games with adult themes in them.