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Best Link design of this gen so far? (Poll)
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Advanced Warfare for Wii U?
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rajin_donuts127/27 6:34PM
Just played the Destiny beta on Xbone... Trust me, Wii U doesn't need it.
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NES Remix Pack for NA confirmed
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So why exactly does Nintendo not make another real franchise
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leonodo777/27 5:27PM
New IPs DO NOT automaticaly equal creative or original
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TheMisterManGuy137/27 5:25PM
My system keeps shutting off while I'm playing it. =/
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papercup137/27 5:23PM
can I download castlevania: 3, rondo of blood, bloodlines and adventure rebirthShaolinAced87/27 5:22PM
How is Hyrule Warriors set up as a game?
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Question about downloading games from the eShop. (Closed)Pink_a_Dink77/27 5:01PM
Skies of Arcadia vs Tales of Symphonia vs Xenoblade Chronicles (Poll)
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