Hero Mode WW HD shows how lazy Nintendo can be

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Hirokey123 posted...
The thing is there was nothing bad about the AI for the Zelda enemies in WW. In fact the enemy AI is quite good and they have some fairly complex coding like responding to sound, responding to losing their weapons (in addition to being able to lose their weapons to begin with) by being surprised and then getting panicky or angry depending on the enemy, being aware of other potential weapons in the area lying around which they will more than race you for, and just in general acting as if they have actual self awareness. Viciousness isn't a problem either and neither was enemy placement.

Really the only inherent bad thing about them is their damage and hero mode fixes that.

True enough, WW was the first game I can remember foes actually improving how they fought. Something that's been improving with each subsequent entry, though at small paces.

Also, hey Hiro! Didn't expect to see you on this side of GF. :)
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Why are sony fanboy's so insecure when it comes to Nintendo?
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Baha05 posted...
Uhhhh you described a lot of hard modes.

Lemmywinks13 posted...
All I read was "WAAAAHHHHHHH"

sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
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The Nintendo defenders are awake and replying, lol. You know this guys will purchase the game again and will be HIGHLY upset if the game scored less than 9/10.
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Baha05 posted...
Uhhhh you described a lot of hard modes.

Ohhh, so it's called hard mode everywhere else, but when Nintendo does it, it's called Hero mode. Brilliant!
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Probably because those HD collections usually have at least two games in them, and they're never full price.

Yeah but at the same time rarely do HD remakes add anything too, aside from Trophy and Achievements.

And they are prices accordingly. WWHD is in the end still just an HD release with a few added features, the 60 dollar price tag is unwarranted.
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lgi posted...
Ohhh, so it's called hard mode everywhere else, but when Nintendo does it, it's called Hero mode. Brilliant!

Hard Modes sometimes have vastly different names, general hard modes for most games are simple things like increased damage, enemy placement, etc.

Hero Mode is just basically a Hard Mode with double Damage and no hearts to heal. Unless they do it Master Quest style as that was more effort for a hard mode then most hard modes.

Hell again Bioshock Infinite's 1999 while it puts more effort into it's hardmode it's still a standard hard mode (which can be made much harder if you don't buy from Dollar Bill machines)
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It's unlikely a second Master Quest will ever happen because Master Quest was never designed to be an additional hard mode. It was a game expansion that got a full development cycle alongside the original OoT, but by the time it was finished there wasn't a good way to release it until many years later. Even then it wasn't even really able to be used in place of an actual hard mode until they furthered tweaked it for OoT3D upping the damage and mirroring the game.
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It's like that for every Hard Mode. It isnt just exclusive to Wind Waker,lol.
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The MSRP for this is $50, the original was $50...

Also, I've never had an issue with WW's AI
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