Sorry to say this but Nintendo will always be second to Sony and Microsoft

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WhiteKilla666 posted...
As far as consoles: Sony > Nintendo
Handhelds Nintendo = Sony

More like:

Sony = Nintendo

Nintendo > Sony

The Vita is dead, dude, and as much as I love my PSP it can't compare to a DS.
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"X is better than Y", you say, without elaborating on the meaning of the term "better". Be more explicit in your next topic, TC.
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Lol. Has the TC even come back to respond yet?Aside from the first or so pages.
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#125Dalton Of ZealPosted 8/24/2013 6:53:04 PM
>Implying Nintendo fans care about playing games on a console that is "second"
>Implying the games you play determine your self-worth
>Implying games that aren't top-tier aren't ever worth playing
>Implying people don't own more than one console

lol console warz
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QUIK posted...
I cant remember a Nintendo console being better than SONY or Microsoft except for when the Nintendo 64 came out... That was the last console that Nintendo has that was better than SONY.

Now I will say 90% of gamers will say Microsoft and SONY always come before Nintendo...Its a shame...Does anyone else agree?

Hmmm...based on what?