Sorry to say this but Nintendo will always be second to Sony and Microsoft

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What console did the queen of England got for herself with a special golden finish?

That makes me sad...

and jealous.

As nifty as that is, I'd pay a soul or two for these

Ugh the Assassin's Creed version looks absolutely beautifull. I'm definitely jelly LOL.
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I cant remember a Nintendo console being better than SONY or Microsoft except for when the Nintendo 64 came out... That was the last console that Nintendo has that was better than SONY.

Now I will say 90% of gamers will say Microsoft and SONY always come before Nintendo...Its a shame...Does anyone else agree?

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Sony consoles get way more awesome RPG and action games than Nintendo consoles, so that's why they are better for me.

And the PSP was equal to or better than the DS in my opinion. And the Vita is probably the best handheld ever as far as the hardware itself, thing is so damn nice. And it's getting quite a few great games and more are being announced all the time, I own more Vita games than 3DS games at this point...

Final Fantasy XIII was better than SMT Strange Journey?
P4 Golden (a remake) was better than SMT IV?

The list of last gen RPGs for Wii and DS is GENORMOUS copared to the Sony ones... plus Nintendo got: XENOBLADE AND THE LAST STORY.

Saying that Sony had better RPG titles is blatantly lying, yeah, it got P3 and P4 which are awesome, but that doesn't makes it the best console for RPGs, look a the titles Nintendo had dude... again do Homework before oppening your mouth.

PS3 had more than a few RPGs there was also white knight chronicles which was crap to play but the second one improved all the flaws. Also Ni No Kuni which was funny to play even if it seemed a bit too much like Pokemon at times and there was more which I haven't played fully so won't comment on
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While I do think that Sony does a better job with their home consoles, Nintendo is better with their handhelds. I don't own a Microsoft console, so I can't really state an opinion on them that actually means much.
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wow any one else see that one post sony>nintendo console
nintendo= sony hand held
not evey sony thinks there hand held system is doing any where near as good as the 3ds
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wasn't Nintendo the # 1 selling console and handheld last gen?

aren't the first 15 games on the all time selling list.....Nintendo games?

aren't 32 of the top 50 selling games of all time....Nintendo?

only 4 games on the top 50 are from Sony. And they are all Gran Turismo games

lol I think this pretty much makes TCs topic invalid. Or most of it.
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I just love how these Nintedno fan boys bring up sales.

Justin Beiber and Robin Thicke sells loads more than quality bands like The National, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, and Muse, does this mean Beiber and Thicke are way better than those bands listed?

Sales mean nothing to he consumer. Unless you own stock with Nintendo, what does it matter how many units Wii and MK Wii sold? Does that increase the fun level of the games? NO, it doesn't.

In my personal opinion, Nintnedo will always be second to Sony, only because I enjoy Sony's IPs a lot more than Nintendos.

Also, yes, it's true, PS2>>>> GC, and Sony has a lot more JRPGs than Nintendo does.

Some of the poeple on this guys just blow my mind.

Sales? Hahaha, freaken funny. Only reason why Wii sold so many units was because grandmas and soccer moms wanted Wii Fit and grandpas wanted Wii Sports for golf. The causal market was ripe for the picking during that time, and Nintendo banked, but now that market has moved on to mobile games, hence why Wii U is selling so poorly when compared to the Wii.
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I cant remember a Nintendo console being better than SONY or Microsoft except for when the Nintendo 64 came out... That was the last console that Nintendo has that was better than SONY.

Now I will say 90% of gamers will say Microsoft and SONY always come before Nintendo...Its a shame...Does anyone else agree?

Who cares if its better. Wii, ds and 3ds sell more. FACT

Are you for real? You do realize what you said right?
"Who cares if Nintendo games are good, sales matter more!"

Sells mean nothing in terms of value and quality. People like you is what the market target for and love consumers with your mind set.
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i would say the cube was bad, but wii did very well to start not enough support make another ssb star fox, mario party 9 needed to come out sooner, and they need to work harder to get ea sports to work with there game pad not the wii mote and it would of been fine. now after the cube and wii not ending well the wii U will be slow but drop ssb star fox a grown up zelda metroid ... dont for get a good platformer like hmm whats his name oh yea MARIO all will be well with the world
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several things:

1) No one worth talking to *actually* cares about any of this beyond "hey it's something to talk about, right?".

2) To your average adult, yes, Nintendo isn't as big a player as Sony or MS.

3) ALL of us were weened on Nintendo, and Mario (Nintendo) is the ultimate icon of our gaming childhoods, we have passed this on to each and every generation after us.... which led to....

4) Nintendo will always be #1 in the hearts of children and those who have kept a piece of their childhood in their heart <3

As for me, I buy a console that has games I like and lots of multiplats. I won't lie, it's NOT going to be a Wii U, but Nintendo is far from dead. Isn't half/a quarter of the worlds population children, and the rest of the population is former children? Yeah, I don't see Nintendo going anywhere.

If Nintendo disappeared, there would be an upstart to take their place. Why? Because whether we see it or not, they fill a niche that no on else can. And whether all you nintendo fans want to admit it or not, that niche is children friendly games.
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