Had a WiiU from launch and my biggest complaint is

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Of course nintendo is for family by the way you can still add people and have friends online with anyone you play randomly with so there still is (grouping) they just make it hell to communicate efficiently thats the complaint not that we cant group its the ease of access. Im just going off what reggie said when introducing the wii u he said something like the u is for all the hardcore gamers. there ploy to grab up the gamers they lost because they made easy casual games on the wii that was for everyone literely..

I know nintendos all about family trust me i own every nintendo console but its very easy to make a setting if you dont want friends but I actually have people I know in real life I like to play online with that also own a wii u and its a pain to connect having to send a text or call when a last gen system made it look easy. What im trying to do is be loyal to nintendo and have that online experience I got with xbox live. just because I wont buy another xbox console dosent mean they didn't do something right.

these days you cant always get together and play on one system when you and all your friends have wifes/gfs and lives for that matter so online is needed for adults its not like it was where we had all that time to hang out after school and play Mario kart 64,goldeneye and smash brothers.
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Nintendo has used these labels themselves casual and hardcore when referring to the wii and wiiu Im well aware of them making games for everyone they make the same type of games. When nintendo said we named the wii for we as in everyone all gamers they did not cater to there older fan base for awhile after because they had new people that never played games the "casual" gamer was born, it doesn't mean you literally only play casually because then I would be considered one I don't play as often.

Wii u was meant to pick up there old fan base and say hey we are still here for "you" so the wii u was an attempt to grab everyone that left and got the ps and xbox instead of the wii. So they felt they could have the new fans of the wii keeping the name wii and grabbing the old fans and promising more in depth games by adding the "U" stating they hadn't forgotten us "Hardcore" gamers.

If you look at whats ahead they have very few rehashes of the casual market they are competing directly against Sony and Microsoft now like it or not. casual is the wii mote the gamepad is hardcore common sense nintendos having a hard time getting there footing back letting other gamers know there back to compete. even worse they are really bad at advertising its features such as webcam chat out of the box and microphone built in.

People see a occasional commercial and think oh great its the wii without even really looking and finding out its a new console.