Is Super Luigi U worth 30 bucks?

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BruceLee007 posted...
Rayze_Darr posted...
A standard $60 game these days lasts about 10 hours for a single playthrough, and New Super Luigi U lasts about 5 hours. So, $30 is a fair price.

Haven't gotten the DLC yet since I just got a Wii U, but from playing NMSBU, I think it would take much longer to get all the secrets and star coins in NSLU than 5 hours. I might be around 20 hours into NSMBU and am just now getting close to getting all Star Coins.

Really? I beat NSMBU in about 12 hours (100%, 5 profile stars), and NSLU took me about 5 (again, 100%, 5 profile stars).
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If you enjoy great 2d games, it is a great value.
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When Nintendo themselves are offering it cheaper, no.
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AwayFromHere posted...
When Nintendo themselves are offering it cheaper, no.

Thing is, he doesn't want to buy NSMBU, but he's a big fan of Luigi. It would be much more expensive for him if he ended up getting NSMBU and then the DLC version of Luigi U.

You can't get the digital version of Luigi U without having NSMBU.
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It's better than NSMBU, take that for what you think.
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