WiiU`s compression strength continues from Wii at about 3 to1 per TEV

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just use spherical coordinates

set sin(Alpha)sin(Beta)=the vector.
each of the 3, 11 bit vector can then be represented in digits(5bit 3 decimal places) and two of these make 10

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I don't even.
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This topic is now about Oreo's and Kittens.
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Infinity8378 posted...
whops i forgot its 2 tev but you only need to know 1 vector to represent numerically

And this is discussing what? That bit of detail seems to be missing.
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just precompute trig identities and use large file sizes.
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If you use more percision values it increases.
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Scince the wii is a 32 bit processor, you can cast hexadecimal values stored like digits to base2 then take the 8 bits of data and get the wii to calculate 32bit values with 2 tevs. The total spherical coordinate compression would take 5 tevs with trig substitution identities but it would be high compression ratio ~3 to 1 per TEV
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You obviously have no idea what the **** you're talking about
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