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I wish Nintendo and other companies would upgrade WiiWare games, too.Vyers412/27 6:50PM
How do you unlock levels in DKC: TF?ajm587412/27 6:49PM
Is it difficult to take the stand off of the Wii U?HakuMan111386812/27 6:48PM
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Hyrule Warriors - DLC costumes now available in NA
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PS4Warrior2912/27 6:47PM
Almost 200% in Tropical Freeze
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avenger_0013812/27 6:39PM
Just got me a Wii U yesterday_Doomguy_812/27 6:38PM
So whats up with Nintendo Network?
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k41m1112/27 6:36PM
The Wii U pretty much only playing video games seems a bit behind.
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PS4Warrior21312/27 6:33PM
The 2015 line-up is pretty great, butgreatnessfails1012/27 6:23PM
Since the next M&L and Paper Mario will be the 5th in both seriesGrenadus912/27 6:18PM
I own 14 consoles and the Wii U may end up being my favorite at this rate
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shooterfan223712/27 6:12PM
Power used up from keeping Gamepad on chargerbowser26412/27 5:55PM
After owning a WiiU since launch, I've finally used the WiiU chatandizzle29662112/27 5:53PM
Under-the-Radar game recommendationsAeonChronos812/27 5:52PM
we really need to ask for party chat on the Wii U.Aguacaton1012/27 5:49PM
Deleted software isn't removed from quick start menu.MetatronTorment912/27 5:49PM
Is there a chance we'll see Kevin Spacey as a DLC fighter in SSB?samuraigaiden412/27 5:48PM
Where are all my Nintendo codes?
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GeekyDad1412/27 5:47PM
5 (More) Underrated Wii U GamesMGSDizzle412/27 5:46PM