And how do you know support for the others will be better?

#1quickposterPosted 8/30/2013 1:38:25 AM
Or are you just guessing/assuming? If you are you are going to feel extremely burned when everybody with sense buys PS4/Wii U and third parties pull the plug on X1 faster than a cheetah can catch a cat. I can't believe people are smart enough to assume that one generation of the majority of multiplats sets X1 in stone.

I recall many more games for PSP in it's early years than those currently available for Vita. Why on Earth do you internet folk base things on the now? Especially in the console market. Ask around just what is going on with X1 on the outside world and you know this is a sinking ship. The media seems surprised people aren't flocking in droves to X1 after MS reversed the policies but people know they will just bring it back. Everywhere PS4 is stopping pre-orders and every shop I've been to says the interest in X1 is significantly lower.

Would it really be surprising if Wii U sells more over the holidays? Nintendo have their big games out with a cheaper price and the only reason to buy X1 over PS4 is a few MS games. And because MS make less real exclusives than Nintendo or Sony.

Know how bad Vita and Wii U are when they launched? X1 will be that on steroids. It makes me laugh that people actually think X1 will get support (especially in Japan) just because 360 did.
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quickposter posted...
Or are you just guessing/assuming?

Yeah, pretty much.

Would it really be surprising if Wii U sells more over the holidays?

Nope, not at all. Big name exclusives, WW bundle and Mario + some other sales I am sure on older games. I am sure they will sell more over the holidays.

Know how bad Vita and Wii U are when they launched?

Yeah, pretty good actually. They launched with high preorder numbers and great games, then there was a lull while the 3DS kinda fourished in the sun for a while and the Wii U seemed to have games being pushed back further and further from both 3rd parties and Nintendo.

But now it is picking back up steam much like the Vita will be as well. I see this gen being a bit different with PS4 possibly sharing that sunlight with the 3DS and the Wii U.

I am sure it will all be good this gen, though I am upset about X1.
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people assume, (rightfully so), that there will be support for X1/ps4 because there is little support for wii u. if there is little support for wii u, and they also decide not to support X1/ps4, devs don't eat. It's actually not very complicated at all.
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Previous experience?