Summarize the "Wii U Experience" in one word

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All right... I'll bite. Even though summarizing any experience with one word is retarded, how about:

Mismanaged - from non-universal accounts, the lack of adequate advertising, the lack of appealing games, the lack of third party support, the region locking, the weak hardware... all of it can be attributed to poor management... especially the price drop within the first year. All of that leading to the Wii U experience being:


Also: reassurance. Since nearly all of the topics I see posted about the Wii U are in some form reassurance topics...
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Madragora posted...
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The problem with the Wii U was the same as with the Vita... No big games!

What's everyone's beef with the Vita. There's a bunch of awesome games on it. Just none of them are highly publicized.

Ninty fanboys hate on the Vita because it's still outselling the Wii U.

So's the PSP.

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Best console war summary ever. TL;DR version at 2:05.
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At first I wasn't impressed. But I always have that with new systems.. Now I really like it =P.
Also, the ones who say ''joke'' obviously only played it once. You should give it another go.
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