Nintendo could make so much cash by just starting to port DS games to Wii U.

#1raymanfan1Posted 8/30/2013 8:11:47 PM
I mean, it's more than possible. I'd be super keen to play games like Sonic Rush on the Wii U setup, and families would flock to play games like Layton on the TV. Sure, the games would look horrible, but many DS games went for the less-visually-intensive approach because of the hardware's own limits.
And it's not like it hasn't been done before; case in point: Ace Attorney WiiWare ports, which were lazy but otherwise the same fantastic games.
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Or Nintendo can just make the Wii U have a strong line up without relying on one of the best selling system of all time. The Wii U needs to form its own identity. A problem that the Vita is struggling to have given that it shares too many games with the PS3/360.
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I don't see what the appeal could possibly be to make people want to buy them. Taking a handheld game and putting on a home console removes portability. That was fine in the days of Gameboy, where the handhelds needed batteries and lacked back-lighting, but now the handhelds don't have any real drawbacks.
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Nintendo could make so much cash by doing anything
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Super DS
just like the Super Game Boy?

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