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So we all agree that Sonic Boom is best Wii U exclusive? (Poll)
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Nemerlight1411/16 6:28PM
Should Zelda and Link finally kiss? (Poll)
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AnchorTea1911/16 6:14PM
Today is Mr. Miyamoto's birthday!
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kdognumba11111/16 6:12PM
Anyone else use TVii?
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Moose_271811/16 5:59PM
Quality of Life?jay2101211/16 5:49PM
Did Nintendo get that whole thing sorted out regarding digital content? (Closed)ajko000711/16 5:39PM
Sega should make a Sonic Generations 2
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VoidBeyond4411/16 5:34PM
Has anyone else seen the ASDF movies? (Closed)cameronpbb211/16 5:30PM
Brand New Wii U for $59.99?
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Spade21X1911/16 5:23PM
Games I should buy for my Wii U? (Archived)weirdkidno1711/16 3:58PM
Finally got a full time job, so I'm might buy a Wii U soon. (Archived)
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King_of_Flan1311/16 3:42PM
Console arrives Tuesday... (Archived)droid83811/16 2:50PM
Sonic Boom literally has a lower metascore then Sonic 06 (Archived)
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Oshawottownage4511/16 2:38PM
Wiiu sensor bar isn't working (Archived)
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Free Ganon Demon King Costume Set DLC here! First come, first serve! (Archived)YHWH_Saves711/16 1:37PM
Best Buy's Black Friday deals suck! (Archived)abbyhitter711/16 1:25PM
Thinking of picking up one of the gba castlevania games. Which one is the best? (Archived)Wchoodrat311/16 1:12PM
The new gamecube Controller works for the Wii! (Archived)
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felipin241411/16 12:38PM
Is it really such a bad thing Nintendo took over the casual market? (Archived)ponyseizures411/16 12:29PM
There should be more Game editors. (Archived)themegaman7111/16 12:20PM