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Is Bayonetta 2 more censored than Bayo 1 for the western audience? (Archived)
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How many WiiU games do you currently have pre-ordered? (Poll)
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Things Nintendo should add or change in Mario Kart 9 (Archived)
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Free game with MK8 question (Archived)Kojima_Fan47/25 10:03AM
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Do people here prefer a new Metroid to be 2D or 3D FPS ? (Poll)
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1 Week left for the Free Game with Mario Kart 8, what should the next promo be? (Archived)
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Bayonetta 2 will support the Classic Controller. (Archived)
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Even though I never played itagaki's games and I probably won't get devils third (Archived)Snow-Dust57/25 6:00AM