And people wonder why 3rd party games bomb on Nintendo systems.

#21xoftheuniversePosted 9/1/2013 9:11:21 PM
TC, did it ever occur to you that just because people's favorites are Nintendo first party titles that it doesn't mean they don't buy other things? I don't like bloody gory games. That doesn't mean I don't like third party games. This means a good portion of the third party games that are released I don't like. Maybe if the games these days weren't so gross you would see a different trend. If certain companies would make games for the WiiU like..

Square Enix - Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Lufia, KINGDOM HEARTS!!, Chrono Trigger (one with the original cast ALIVE even if its an in between game),

NamcoBandai (Tales)

Konami - Castlevania, MGS, Contra, Gradius Yu-Gi-Oh.

Capcom - Megaman (ANY SERIES T_T), Ghosts n Goblins and its spinoff Gargoyles Quest/Demon's Crest, Final Fight, Okami

Anyway, I have my eye on that Batman game and I will probably end up with it. All this being said, out of that list I would have to say I can't decide if I want DKCTF or Sonic LW more.
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There has been a drought of good games on the wii u. If these upcoming third party games don't sell well now, will they ever sell?