Why do people keep complaining about the HDD space of the WiiU?

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Devil_wings00 posted...
I dunno I don't know anyone who doesn't have a spare USB stick or External drive lying around. Not really an issue for me. Also you kind of made yourself look like a raving fanboy when you said sony has proprietary drives...I think you meant MS but to late now your religious Nintendo zeolotry has been revealed. You don't even know basic crap about another console after more then half a decade after it's release. Expand your horizons friend, Nintendo isn't your friend, they are a corporation trying to get your money just like Sony and MS.

Im talking about the VITA, i do have a ps3 and love it. But okay...
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*Offers promotion encouraging digital downloads*
*Provides 2 SKUs with barely enough HD space for more than 5 retail games*

More than happy to purchase the Wii U as my Smash Bros. Box
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The HDD space of the Wii U is 0 bytes, because there's no HDD.
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