Should nintendo reach out to western developers and get them onboard?

#21mashuPosted 9/3/2013 5:02:33 PM
Should Nintendo reach out and try to help make it happen? Sure. Why not? Quite a large portion of the gaming market plays western developed games as a preference, not to mention the more developers on board with the Wii U the better. Issue is so many of them have a fanbase that has a PS360 and/or will be getting the PS4 or XBOne that I'm not really sure, outside of exclusives, what good it would do.

There aren't many western games I'd like to see, personally though. So many Japanese games and developers putting titles from various franchises out on the 3DS. I'd love to see so many of these types of games over on the Wii U too - JRPGs, SRPGs, various third party Japanese-developed games. I'd own the Wii U already if this was the case and as it is, much as I don't even want a handheld, due to this I have to get a 3DS. I really, really miss the DC, GC, PS1, PS2 era over the couple generations there. Console gaming went from the heyday of Japanese-developed and fun western-developed games to the majority of console gaming being western-developed PC-like games after the passing of those generations. Really a bummer.
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The_Hyphenator posted...
Honestly, Nintendo has done a lot to reach out to third parties in the West already, and they've been met mostly with apathy. I'm not sure what else they could do to attract support beyond expanding the Wii U's install base, which will happen in time anyway.

I guess they could take a cue from Microsoft and start moneyhatting some games, but considering that Microsoft still hasn't turned a profit relying on that strategy, I think Nintendo is better off just staying the course.

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