Kamiya: No longer wants to work on Starfox

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He looks like a thug....I love the guy...I just dont like his games...His gameplay mechanics are always exciting.
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Iokua posted...
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He still wants to do it he obviously just doesn't want the whiny fans to bug him. I mean I do this with my nephew and niece. I tell them I am no longer getting a gift for them if they act up and of course I will but my threat works everytime.

Kind of sad that this isn't obvious.

He doesn't get upset at whiny fans, he gets upset at regular, everyday fans. As in if there are 5,000,000 people interested in a new Starfox, he gets upset at the .001% of them that ask the same question. He's not a social butterfly, he's a **** off.

Do you know what it's like for 50 people to question you about the same thing back to back in under an hour about something you've already answered? It's not like it happens once either. We're talking multiple hours a day every day of the week!

Personally, I'd chew someone's head off pretty quick. Most of the time Kamiya simply links to what he's previously said, so when his fuse does run out it's justified. Sakurai had the same problem before he just said he wasn't going to talk to anyone anymore.
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Ehhh.......he changes his mind to quickly. He should work with Monolith Soft.

Platinum Games makes beat 'em ups, Monolith Soft makes RPGs... I don't think the two genres would mesh well
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Kamiya couldn't handle the pressure of dealing with a Nintendo ip anyways. The guy loses it like every three days on his twitter when asked about games. I find it hilarious because its not like he even has to read everything addressed towards him. Why the hell does he even have a twitter to begin with if he only uses it to through a bi-weekly *****-fit?
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Good. Let Nintendo themselves do the next one.
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What a ****ing baby

"Fans are asking about a popular Nintendo franchise that I SAID I wanted to work on........I'm annoyed, so I don't want to do it anymore!"
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God forbid people show interest in prospective project of his. I think he wants his games to be niche, he's like some bizarre sort of hipster developer.
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Ive been known for saying I want to work on Star Fox, but the tendency for this to spread and people constantly pestering me with questions, like How would you do this? How would you do that? Quite frankly, Ive decided I dont want to work on Star Fox anymore.

This is an incredibly disappointing news to me and I'm sure most Nintendo fans too.

He is getting pestered so obviously he wants it to stop

Won't this just cause people to send him a bunch of messages asking him to do the game or complaining?
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PUNCHOUT1116 posted...
I... dont think I would want Platinum games working on Star Fox honestly. Haven't played a game of theirs yet that made me say "thats a great game!"

This guy sounds a little too whiny anyway :/

This. Platinum games sucks, and has none of the magic of Clover.
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This confirms he is working on Star Fox. Nintendo just want it to be a secret and what better way to make people think they aren't making it, then get the guy who is making it too call the fans idiots and that they should F off.

Star Fox U 2015 confirmed.

I don't want to make a game, because people keep asking me how I would ? I don't think so.