You know what game would be perfect for the Wii U?

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Pokimon Snap 2

Yes. You look at the tv, and gamepad is camera.

Would be best as a downloadable title though.

Am I the only one who didnt like Pokemon Snap?

You're not the only one but we are apparently in the minority.
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Etrian Odyssey
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Zerothma posted...
Etrian Odyssey

Love it, but unless they add a Casual mode, it won't be widely adopted.
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Shenmue from Sega - Wish they make an HD remake of 1 and 2, it would sell well on Nintendo platform most likely since I have a feeling that majority of Nintendo audience would like it.

StarCraft 2 - StarCraft was on Nintendo 64 and Wii U with few tweaks on the CPU has enough horsepower for it, since StarCraft 2 engine can use only 2 cores then NIntendo just need two cores being clocked at 3Ghz while one core should be inactive. Wii U's GPU is more than enough for it.

Wasteland 2 - Great game and it uses Unity engine that supports WIi U so porting to it should be really easy for the most part. Wii U dev kits come with Unity Engine. If properly ported and Wii U has some tweaks for this game in terms of CPU and GPU clocks then maybe it would play at 1080p with decent setting or rather 720-768p and good looking details.

Nintendo should open their Wii U more to developers, eg to customize CPU and GPU clocks for their needs and each game has its own profile like GPU drivers but different.