Should Zelda U abandon Link as the main character?

#1diggyfreshPosted 9/6/2013 1:34:29 AM
Link or No Link??? - Results (1575 votes)
Keep Link!
80.57% (1269 votes)
A new hero!
19.43% (306 votes)
This poll is now closed.
You can also suggest the new character. I'd like to see a more magic based female character.
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#2mcsmellingtonPosted 9/6/2013 1:36:50 AM
I'd like to see a side story to one of the other games, perhaps where you play as a Goron or Zora. Could be set at the same time as one of the other games and run parallel alongside it or something.
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#3TalentedMPosted 9/6/2013 1:36:59 AM
Naw man, naw.
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#4AlexPumaPosted 9/6/2013 2:21:13 AM
Unless its a spin-off expanding on an already established character with potential for an adventure, such as Colin, Groose, or Kafei, no.
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#5The13DoctorsPosted 9/6/2013 2:30:13 AM
Zelda U, hell no. Wtf. Get that **** out of here.

Spin-off after Zelda U? Yeah sure, why not.
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#6T3H_1337_N1NJ4Posted 9/6/2013 3:19:31 AM
Only if said character is Zelda.
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#7Pharsti01Posted 9/6/2013 3:29:57 AM
Well, id be interested in a female "Link".
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#8Lethal_BathTubPosted 9/6/2013 3:54:08 AM
Pharsti01 posted...
Well, id be interested in a female "Link".

Came in to say this.

And to say that I'd love to play as Zelda also.
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#9b1gt0nePosted 9/6/2013 4:05:39 AM
covert Draven topic?
#10Tsutarja495Posted 9/6/2013 4:12:43 AM
I want the main entries keeping Link as the main character. Maybe add some kind of co-op with another character, or have some sections where you play as another character, but not getting rid of Link altogether. Basically like Spirit Tracks did it, where you could control Zelda who was possessing the armors, but Link was still the main character.
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