I think I just got the best deal ever

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Dragonyeuw posted...
That to me, is the best part of collecting games. Finding gems out in the wild for dirt cheap.
I agree! Though I like hunting them down finding them completely unexpected gives a certain rush I can't quite place!

Mandrew257 posted...

There's on in the original post : )

CubeTV posted...
Hope they all work.

Just got done testing them all! The SNES itself is slightly damaged, though I already had one myself, as the image is a bit distorted. All the games work perfectly though!
What surprised me the most was that the Link to the Past cartrige contained a end-game savegame of a 3 heart challenge..whoever these games belonged to was a very good gamer or at least loved the series VERY much.
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you should try the 'retrocollect' forums.

You have done very well there, easily worth 3-400 Euro at ebay.

Well done!
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