The Wii U has entered the period where it either takes off or sinks

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LOL it already took off. It reached 3 million sales faster than any other console.

BTW PS4 and Xbone are going to flop. Pony's are going to be sorely disappointed when PS3 looks like a stunning success in comparison.

I think "Flop" is a bad word for it, but I think they might suffer a game drought. 6+ Months from release.

As far as the PS4 goes, inFamous Second Son is releasing in February which is very soon after the launch of the PS4. I think the Wii U was a great example of how not to handle the first year of your console and both Sony and MS are going to do much better

Games confirmed for '14

Thief XBO+PS4
Dark Souls
Various indies

That's pretty meh.

Dark souls 2 is ps3/360/pc
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