Aonuma Says Zelda Wind Waker HD Is "Unlike Any Other Experience Out There"

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“After ‘Wind Waker’ there were a lot of cel shaded style games that were released, and I apologize, this will sound like I’m bragging a little bit, but I feel like ‘Wind Waker’ was one of the more successful ones….You can ride this boat and sail across this really expansive sea, and it’s very free world, and this is unlike any other experience out there, and the presentation is great.”
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WW HD does look very pretty.
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I agree that Windwaker was a unique experience, I have many great memories of the game as I do almost every Zelda. However, I do believe there have been titles since then that were grander.
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As long as pie exists, this is false.
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jwillenn posted...
Meh. I've had other games bore the dickens out of me, although Wind Waker was quite exceptional in that regard. I suppose he's almost right.

This version will make you less bored. :)
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wwjd isn't much of an exciting or fresh experience if you've played the gc version, because wwhd so far is the same game with enhanced graphics
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I think it's the same experience as the Gamecube game lmao :D