Best games to play off-TV? Major games that can't play off-TV?

#1JKSonicPosted 9/10/2013 12:53:55 PM
Ordered a "like new" used one from eBay. I feel like I got a really good deal even after the price drop (came with all original boxes/packaging, all original wires/stands/etc, deluxe unit, tablet, official pro controller, wiimote+ and nunchuk, and pikmin 3...all for $250) and I'm planning to spend the $50 I saved on WW when it comes out.

However, one of the biggest features that turned me onto a Wii U was the off-TV play. Playing a game while having football on, or playing something while my Wife watches one of her shows, or letting my kids play Toy Story 3 (or Disney Infinity closer at Christmas) on my 360 while I play something on the Wii U sounds very, very awesome.

Just wondering the games that work best with it (as in the screen isn't too small or they don't strip features) and then which bigger release games cannot use it...finding updated lists has been surprisingly hard.

Also let me throw in, besides Pikmin 3, which games...if any...are best suited for the wiimote/nunchuk?
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