So what happened to Konami?

#1YoyokuKOPosted 9/12/2013 12:56:54 PM
other than MGS i love and that crappy Castle of War i hate, what games have they made of late?

did they die too?
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Pretty sure they said Wii U games were unprofitable so they weren't doing them.
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Pro Evolution Soccer series. 13 last year, and 14 is coming out this month. Not on WiiU though. It's the biggest competition for EA's FIFA series.
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The did Metal Gear Rising this year and Castevania Lord Of Shadows 2 releasing early 2014. As had Castlevania Mirror Of Fate on 3DS. They are still producing games. Of course MGS5 will be a huge hit.
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I am going to show you what happened

They haven't been the same since
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The only game I see from Konami is Twinbee on the Wii U VC in Japan. Here's hoping for Contra 3 and Super Castlevania 4.... not holding my breath.
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I haven't heard much of Konami these days except for Metal Gear solid.

I don't think they are as big name a developer as they once were.
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I played a lot of International Super Star Soccer 64 back in the day.
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melbye80 posted...
I am going to show you what happened

They haven't been the same since

I vaguely remember that....I think there is a reason why I blocked that memory
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