Why is it when someone talks about the poor sales of the Wii U

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Devoted Nintendo fans are the worse
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Devoted Nintendo fans are the worse

All fans are annoying.

Jim Sterling says sony fanboys are worst, but hes jim sterling.
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Anyone saying they want Nintendo to go 3rd party is really saying that they want Nintendo to go out of business. The fact of the matter is, according to Nintendo own public earnings reports roughly 52% of their profit comes from HARDWARE. That means if Nintendo were to drop the Wii U today and go 3rd party they would go down the tubes within a few years. Not to mention the games they did put out before that happened would be riddled with bugs since they didn't design the hardware its on.

The choices are simple: You either want Nintendo to stay in business which means they have to make their own consoles, or you want Nintendo to go out of business which means no more Mario or Zelda ever again. There is no middle ground.

There is no middle ground? That's exactly the problem I was talking about. Level headed people know there is always a middle ground.

You didn't read anything I said then. This has nothing to do with being "level headed" as you like to claim in your not so subtle insult towards me. This has nothing to do with fanboys or anything else. It's cold hard facts. If Nintendo makes 52% of their profits from hardware, then what do you think is going to happen to them when they stop making that hardware?

If by some small chance they didn't just outright collapse, they would shrink to the point of being a shell of their former self and without the same resources the games would suffer. So no, there is no middle ground when they actually make more money from the hardware then the software.
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