I've gotten the Nintendo console first every gen I've been gaming.

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User Info: Kinthur

3 years ago#11
Last gen I got 360 first. I don't really remember the order I acquired Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox. I got N64 when it launched, and bought PSX when Final Fantasy 7 was released. NES and SNES were the only consoles I owned for their respective generations.

User Info: Warmonger222

3 years ago#12
Born in 1997.
-I got a N64 and a Gameboy Color. They were shared by the whole family, but I played them a lot more than anyone else.
-My brother got a Gamecube, but he lived with his mom and was only over on the weekends, so I got to play that whenever as well. My other bro had a PS2 and GBA, which I got to play fairly often, and both became mine when he got tired of gaming (like 2003-2004).
-Got a DS in Christmas 2004. It stopped working, and I got a DS Lite in Christmas 2006-2007 (Dont remember). Got a Wii January 2007 (My birthday). Got a 360 Christmas 2011. It was my first big experience with a non Nintendo console, and I hated it. Sold it a few months ago. Wish I had stuck with Wii only.
-Bought a 3DS last Summer, and got a Wii U for Christmas last year. I may buy a PS4 or XBox One, but I highly doubt it.
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User Info: NerdimusPrime

3 years ago#13
I can't say that since I started gaming before Nintendo consoles were made and I got some consoles before the release of the Nintendo for that gen.

1st of each gen I got a console

2nd:Atari 2600 ( then Intellivision)
3rd : I was gonna say NES but Gfaqs has C64 listed as a console.
4th: SNES then Genesis
5th: N64 then PS1
6th: Dreamcast, Gamecube, then PS2
7th: Wii then 360
8th: Wii U
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User Info: arvilino

3 years ago#14
First more often than not for me, but not always.

Megadrive-->(no Nintendo system)
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User Info: segagamer

3 years ago#15
HermeticJustice posted...
I have a Virtual Boy and a Game & Watch, which should be the only real requirements to being a hardcore Nintendo fan

It's like my Zelda friend who played through all the CD-i games

I had dk, dk jr, and dk ii. Incredible lcd games.

Too expensive though, as each one sold over 1 million.

Also used to have a nice vb library. Both my systems broke though.

User Info: manmouse

3 years ago#16
order i got my consoles:

during gen3:
NES in 1990

during gen4:
Genesis in early 1994
32X in 1995

during gen5:
PS in 1996

during gen6:
Dreamcast in 2000
PS2 in 2001
Gamecube in 2002
Xbox in 2002
SNES in 2003

during gen7:
Xbox360 in 2007
rebought NES in 2010
rebought Dreamcast in 2011
N64 in 2013
Wii in 2013
Saturn in 2013
rebought Xbox in 2013

so outside on NES and Wii, i never got a Nintendo system first. for SNES and N64, i got them over a decade after launch hahaha
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