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Gamestops Release Dates for Wave 3 Amiibos Showntoidiedud42/1 10:41AM
A mid-gen, Holiday 17 Wii Next could be a real game changer.
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Floopik122/1 10:41AM
Yoshi's Woolly World is gonna disappoint, I swear it.
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TasmanianTiger7452/1 10:39AM
Club Nintendo and scalpers
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farmco142/1 10:37AM
So we all agree that Wii U needs a price cut in 2015? (Poll)
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Nemerlight422/1 10:35AM
Should I get Metroid Prime Trilogy?ManuKesna52/1 10:34AM
Wii U needs more FPS games.nonexistinghero72/1 10:30AM
So bestbuy doesnt know when they will get an in store shipment of MetaknightMaverick_Reznor42/1 10:24AM
Hopefully my Target isnt out of Rosies.
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HiiiiiTechnical112/1 10:22AM
Primes Wii U graphics?Gunvalkyrie2102/1 10:19AM
Remember that guy who bought 100 Rosalinas? He got most of them.Sakurafanboy12/1 10:18AM
Club Nintendo RewardsHipsterSora102/1 10:08AM
The wii u is an evolution, and a successor can be seen in 2017paulthevgking62/1 10:07AM
My lifelong Nintendo collection. With tidbits of modern consoles as well.Coop1472/1 10:05AM
Pit Amiibo in the UK?SerialVelocity142/1 10:04AM
It says I'm temporarily restricted from Miiverse?OniIchimaru42/1 10:02AM
Why do you like amiibos?
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Wildspark182/1 9:56AM
Can't wait for Arc Rise Fantasia 2 to save the Wii U once and for all
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EmeralDragon23342/1 9:39AM
Nintendo should make another Punch OutLemon_Master42/1 9:36AM
Nintendo keeps putting out great games such as captain toadstool
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realgamertruth222/1 9:21AM