At 30fps wii u can decompress enough data to fill all its ram in one frame.

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the equation for recursive storage is 8 billion TEVs/30 frames/second=666million. (OK so far?)

Then at 3 to 1 compression ratio recursively in 1 TEV you get a number of tevs used of (1.5*(3^k)-1/2) that gets you a value of 15 for (333million/4) TEVs divided because the decompression takes 4 not 1 TEV used and halfed because you do it twice. This means starting from 8 bytes and 4 bytes which holds the data and a lzw array you can get (96/11)^15/8bits/byte.
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I don't get it, is he trying to summon satan?
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Pedrotacopaco posted...
I don't get it, is he trying to summon satan?

I think so and the other guy is some kinda old ass alien thats trying to put history in a detached full sized crystal skull.
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Basically you start with 11 bits then decompress that to 96 bits then take the first 22 bits and decompress that to a pair of 96 bits then take those 96 bits and decompress a count of 8 of the 96 bits from bits then using leftover bits decompress the 154 bits to 15*96 bits.

So its 11->96->192->960->2400bits

Then just repeat recursively
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thats 96/11^15/32= 4 terrafloats of data decompression at best (using trig ident) meaning the wii u can decompress 4 terraflops of answers while the Ps4 can only calc 2 terraflops. and with pointers and arrays its even higher. As microsoft once said cpu/gpu is better than apu because of the advantage in pointers and casting.
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on a side note if you wanted to find the summation of any k^x from 1 to x its (where C is -1/k it think.)
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Did you guys know that IBM made a storage medium capable of holding one bit that is only comprised of 12 atoms?

That's actually true.

The hell does that even mean man!!! Lol

I think TC's statement makes no sense at all, but it's sad you don't understand "holding one bit that is comprised of just 12 atoms".


already said the way he worded it went over my head and the comment after cleared it up. waste of a comment.
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Woops i did the math wrong its really 96/11^15/4 bytes ( i don't feel like writing all the digits)

32.25 terrabytes

We still have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

neither does he...for weeks now. I think he copy/paste random crap he finds online and turns it into something Wii U
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