isn't 9.8 a bit too high a score for Wind waker HD?

#41TechniMyokoPosted 9/17/2013 11:07:03 PM
9.8 was too high of a score for 10 years ago, now it's just a joke.
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kukingina2 posted...
LaManoNeraII posted...
WW's design and art direction was exceptional. HD version only corrects the few flaws of the original and remasters the visuals perfectly. Its the definitive version of one of the best games of gen 6. Why would it deserve lesser praise?

because 11 year old content is 11 year old content.

It doesn't make the game 11 years worse. If anything, it just speaks volumes about how resistant Nintendo games are against aging, to be able to still compete with the best of the best modern games.
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albanianx1 posted...
Seems way too high. No remastered/redone games should hit close to perfect IMO but to each his own. I guess I'm just not going to take any of his reviews seriously from now on, seems like a new guy at IGN.

Games are not reviewed considering time. They are reviewed for quality. A game should get whatever score they get regardless of when it was originally released.

Think of this, a player who hasn't played WW or any other re-take for that matter, should be able to look at a review of the game and get an accurate description of the quality of the game.

If the game is a 10 for example, why should it be penalized by having points taken away just because it was released previously? WWHD improves on the original, so it should get a better score.
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who cares what some person rated it
#45fuzi11Posted 9/18/2013 11:25:38 AM
gametrailers gave it 7.8 because it is just a hd remake and should offer more
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Wait, people actually care about reviews and decide if they like it then and there instead of actually trying the game for themselves?
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Nintendo owners love remakes, can't be too surprised. I liked the Ocarina 3DS.
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If it's the same game, it should get the same score.
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Maybe the changes, when put together, really add up to make for a much more enjoyable experience? That's what Andre said with his GameXplain review--the changes seem small and not really important but put together they really add up.
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