So Nintendo isn't doing anything else during TGS? At all? Come on.

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Hopefully a price drop. I want a Wii U for some of the stuff I've missed, but I can't pay that much for such a hard flop.

I hope you don't plan on buying a PS4/X1 at launch either, they offer less for more, and expect a similar drought on them after the holidays. You also make it sound like the Wii U is in ( or supposed to be in ) the bargain bin.

Amazon will supposedly deliver a PS4 to my house on launch day. I'm a huge multiplayer guy, so they are offering me plenty. Madden, KZ, BF, Drive Club and AC should keep me busy online. Plus Watch Dogs (if it turns out well) and Resogun will be around. PS3 will still be plugged in though, gotta play GTA V online and Gran Turismo 6 (and Dark Souls 2 if they don't announce it for PS4).

I'm not sure what's on the docket beyond inFamous Second Son, probably MLB The Show, but it'll be off to the races by then. I feel like Sony must have learned many lessons with PS3 and Vita based on how they are dealing with PS4 so far.

Wii U is offering me a handful of exclusives, and old games I missed from not having a Nintendo console for a while. At $200 I'm probably in, but it's tough to pay more than that for the 3 games a year I'm going to play. I'd like to have one by the time Bayonetta 2 releases.
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