Wii U takes home no awards at TGS2013

#211IcedEarthaholicPosted 9/24/2013 5:14:48 AM
I just read through this topic and gotta say TC's attitude is simply disgusting.

Not only do they try to stir up a hornets nest by going out of their way to bash a company that has not gone to TGS in years, they also incorrectly proclaim Nintendo fans as the worst when statistics show Sony fans are the pits. Why do you think Sony fans are called "cockroaches" in Japan?

Adding to that, as soon as they're called out, they play victim and try to pass their opinion as fact. No that dog don't hunt here. Get off the pitcher's mound, you're practically handing the game to us on a silver platter. Pathetic.

I should learn to expect nothing less from someone who has a boner for all things Sony.
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I assume when Iwata is sacked he plans to write a book on how not to sell a console and Wii U is his research
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^ you do know udner iwata nintendo has been more profitible than ite ver was before dont you?
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lazer_lice posted...
FabulousZero posted...
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I hate all fanboys, Nintendo just has the worst ones.

They all have the worst ones, though Sony's are a lot more visible and aggressive.

Even though I dislike fanboys of all types, I'd prefer the relatively rare "I only play one system" ones to the over-represented "everything I don't like is objectively bad" type.
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Haha I haven't seen a wannabe troll try and fail this hard in some time
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