If you could get one Wii game ported in HD...

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methosagain posted...

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TC, I like your sig.

I would say Xenoblade, but that's far too obvious.

If I had to say... DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
It would benefit from it more than any other Wii game.

Now, I understand, Dragon Ball games are niche. They cater to one type of person, and only that type.

But, here's the benefits the game would have.
HD visuals would make the game more vibrant, and colourful, as well as much more pleasing to look at.
Classic controller controls would become the default, with Wiimote+Nunchuk controls becoming the secondary.
The game would also benefit from Nintendo Network.

The Wii version already had online play.
But it was hindered by the Wii's poor connectivity.
The Wii U is MUCH better, in that regard.

Many people quit playing Dragon Ball games simply because none of them were as good as BT3. This would bring those fans back, all the while allowing new players to enjoy the game.

And of course the MAJOR change.
The game would have two different balances.
One would keep the original game's balance (or lack of).
While the other, would make it so that all characters have the exact same base attack and defense, with the only major differences being speed, ki, and health.
It would be sorta like UFC Undisputed 3 (I wonder how many people here have actually played that), in that you were given the option to make every fighter equal in every way, as a form of balance.
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That Fatal Frame 2 remake? That one. Add in Mask of the Lunar Eclipse too. Two games, one disc.
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Why would they port a game that's already playable on the system? Seems like a pretty dumb idea.
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The Battle Dragon And New York City Pokemon Master
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can i say metroid prime trilogy?

or is that cheating
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Resident Evil REmake.
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the_cajun88 posted...
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I'd like to see a Mario Galaxy HD Trilogy at some point, but I'd want the option for new controls for all 3 games.

...there was a third Galaxy?

No, but they could do what they did with the Prime Trilogy. The last game in the trilogy is released on a new console, then they release a special edition trilogy, even though Nintendo systems are backwards compatible, the trilogy comes with some cool extra stuff IIRC. Now that dang Metroid Prime Trilogy is worth about $85 dollars the last I checked.
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Arc Rise Fantasia definitely.
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vectorman5 posted...
Quote:Do you mean remade like Wind waker? If so, Pandoras Tower.

In HD, technical flaws removed, and no motion control gimmicks.

Remove motion controls for PA? You must be joking.
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