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User Info: NightMareBunny

3 years ago#1
Which wiiu did you buy? - Results (128 votes)
Basic set(8 gigs)
15.63% (20 votes)
Deluxe set(32 gigs/nintendoland)
58.59% (75 votes)
WWHD limited edition set(32 gigs/WWHD)
16.41% (21 votes)
Waiting for a better bundle
7.03% (9 votes)
Zombiu bundle
2.34% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I got the wind waker bundle
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User Info: Jackal

3 years ago#2
Waiting for a better bundle. An X version would be best.
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User Info: NightMareBunny

3 years ago#3
not sure if that bundle will ever become reality
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Diamond FC:4167-0966-1829

User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

3 years ago#4
8GB unopened and still sitting in storage at work awaiting something halfway decent to play.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

3 years ago#5
I have Wii U Deluxe Set with Nintendo Land. I should have waited until a year later for Wind Waker HD Wii U Deluxe Set. But if I would of done that then I wouldn't have been able to participate the Famicon 30th Anniversary event.
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User Info: pancakegr8

3 years ago#6
So glad I was broke during the Wii U's launch; I ended up getting the WWDH Bundle as a result.
What goes around comes around?...
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User Info: Claytronic

3 years ago#7
Basic bundle for me. Got it in August when Canadian Targets were clearing them out at $149.99. Couldn't pass it up at that price (I've owned a 500gb external hard drive for a few years now that I haven't filled even halfway yet, so storage size isn't an issue for me). I don't plan on downloading much anyway (I've always preferred having a physical product), but I did grab Earthbound and enjoyed it quite a bit. Oh, and Donkey Kong (just got the tail-end of the VC promo, and was willing to pay 30 cents for it).

Have since picked up Pikmin 3 (loved it, well worth the $60), Nintendo Land (fun, but I'm glad I got it new for $30), Super Luigi U (great fun, and as a surprise bonus my Wii U receipt contained a ten dollar-off offer for any one video game you purchased in September, so I got the physical disc for $19.99), Game & Wario (quirky but short-lived entertainment, just bought it this past weekend for $11.99, another Target clearence ftw), and Zombiu (used for $19.99, just started playing it today. It seems... decent. I don't care much for the forced touch screen buttons, though.).

Overall, considering the total dollar amount I spent on everything, I'd say I'm pretty satisfied, but I'd definitely be singing a different tune if I had paid full price for all of the above (especially for the system itself, ouch).

Also, the browser is butter. God, I love it (using it right now).
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User Info: Darkeep12

3 years ago#8
Other: MH3U Bundle.
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User Info: Kromlech06

3 years ago#9
Hell yea other zombiU peeps.

All 2 of you at time of post.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

3 years ago#10
None yet. Waiting for moniez.
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