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Can Nintendo just admit they cancelled SMT X Fire Emblem already?
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Bongbuddy232/26 2:39PM
Question about transfering save data from wii to wii u.SilverDragon7942/26 2:21PM
Nintendo has the Best Exclusives out of all the main 3 consoles.
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KAnE3o1142/26 2:20PM
Club Nintendo VC codesShadianVise72/26 1:51PM
Poll: Would you rather Nintendo buy Capcom or Sega? (Poll)
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Ranmaru-21572/26 1:46PM
2 games outsold allTrilancerX92/26 1:41PM
Is PS4 / VITA's remote play in direct competition with the wii-U's gamepad? (Poll)potatochobit92/26 1:38PM
VOTE: Your opinion of the amiibo / scalper situation. (Poll)
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Oliver_Oliver912/26 1:24PM
Amiibo Party is a legit classic Mario Party, with minigames every turn and starsBaronVladz42/26 1:22PM
port forwarding wii u?tigg0632/26 1:22PM
So are golden marios still going to be in stores? If so, which ones?Itou_Kaiji22/26 1:16PM
Saints Row 1 design director was working on an open-world Wii U game
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Nice_Kirbyfan9472/26 12:36PM
Fastest/cheapest way to get 90 coins?ManuKesna22/26 12:30PM
I wish Nintendo would put Super Mario All-Stars on the eShop.Solar_Crimson22/26 12:27PM
Is Smash Bros (and Wii U, in general) lag experienced both ways?pollo20x642/26 12:12PM
Should I take my Fox Amiibo out of its box?sword_artist_42/26 12:08PM
Super Mario Galaxy (and 2) are such a great games but...
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Trunks_Brief312/26 12:03PM
In light of the DKC Trilogy releases I propose a small challengecarljenk12/26 11:57AM
PSA: Brick and mortar GameStop stores taking preorders for controller adaptersDarkAdonis12382/26 11:52AM
Got my amiibo from Gamestop today
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esoteric42172/26 11:47AM