If a game does not have a good story, it's not worth playing.

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If a Game Doesnít Have a Good Story, Why Bother Playing It?

Gaming has come a long way since the days of emotionless storytelling like in Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario World. It should be a standard that gamers emotionally connect with a gameís story, otherwise itís not worth playing.thisiswhatrealgameslooklikeLetís start with some old-school franchises. Sonic the Hedgehog used to be a franchise with a story worth playing for. For many years starting with Sonic Adventure, the stories just kept getting better and more emotionally satisfying. Even the much reviled Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) had a better storyline than recent games like Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations. Now the franchise appears to be regressing with Sonic Lost World. Six evil villains and Sonic has to beat them? Why would anyone want to play a game with such a simple plot like that?

Which brings me to my main offender, the Mario franchise. Every game is just the same old boring nonsense, save the princess or collect all the things. The Mario games would be so much better if Shigeru Miyamoto would just hire a storyteller. Imagine this, Princess Peach is kidnapped and instead of just being locked away in a castle, she is being tortured by Bowser for information about the Mushroom Kingdom. This simple change engages the player on a level far more than any Mario game has done in the past 20 years.

This is why I like where games are headed. Take Beyond: Two Souls for example. Made by same guys who did Heavy Rain, this game has a story that is worth playing for. I almost hated it every time it shifted to some form of gameplay because that means there was less time for the gripping story. Luckily, that was few and far between in the E3 demo I saw. It was almost like I was watching a really good film. This is what Mario or Sonic should be like today, not washed-up has-beens of an older generation.

More and more, the market is dictating that games require an epic plot and an engaging cast of characters. Iím glad that consumers are demanding companies make more games like Quantum Break. I donít know what type of game it is, but I already want to play it because it just looks so interesting. Iím also glad that companies are listening to what people want and are just showing story trailers for games instead of gameplay trailers. That way, we wonít be deceived into buying a game with a crappy story.

I would much rather play a game with the perfect story and the worst gameplay than a game with the worst story and the perfect gameplay. Even with the worst gameplay, I can continue playing the game for the story. With the worst story, thereís no point in continuing to play it because itís not worth knowing the conclusion. I havenít beaten a Mario game in 10 years because I know Mario is just going to save the princess in the end. Call me when he finally fails so I know Mario is worth playing again.


Do you agree? I'm sure most interactive movie fans do. Good thing I'm not one of them.
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RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi.
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lmao i love p4r
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What if you had NO gameplay?

Then you would have a movie!
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There's a solution for people who want story over gameplay. They're called "movie theatres".

Or, if you're desperate for interactivity, "visual novels".
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Okay I will admit this article is satire but you have to admit this is probably where gaming is heading.

You can laugh (I did too) but pretty soon articles like these won't be satire.
I was a hipster way before it was cool.
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^ Ignorance at it's finest, but that is another matter.

I agree, with a condition - That my agreement is not seen as "I want story over gameplay."

When I say I want a "good" story, I don't mean I want The Odyssey. I don't want Harry Potter.

I just want a good story. Xenogears had a good story. Xenoblade had an epic story. Brave Fencer Musashi had a good story. Megaman X had a good story.

I don't even care what genre. Every game should have SOMETHING, even simple somethings. Yes, I want better Action systems in my action game, but a decent story to go along with it will help. I want a "why".

What makes a good story is not complexity or depth, but competency. Does your story make sense within and of itself?

It is why Final Fantasy 13 fails. The story makes no sense. The writing makes it make less sense. Not even the written characters can make sense of the story, and they are IN the story.
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originalhipster posted...
Okay I will admit this article is satire but you have to admit this is probably where gaming is heading.

You can laugh (I did too) but pretty soon articles like these won't be satire.

But they'll still be just as laughable as many articles today that aren't satire.

You can find an article out there that supports any viewpoint you can think of.
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