Somethign id like to see in zelda U

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No graphics are overrated it would be pretty cool if it were a birds eye view kind of like lttp and this new one coming out.
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This is a Nintendo game. Not a Bioware "RPG" where "choices affect the story". ME2 was excellent, so was KOTOR. But keep those "choices" out of Zelda games.

I can't speak for KOTOR, but the "choices" in ME were pretty shallow. Most of the time, it's basically "Pick who gets murdered". I don't see that formula working in Zelda.

Mass Effect did a great job carrying choices and consequences from game to game...not so much within each game.

KOTOR was even worse.

Alpha Protocol has done "actions has actual consequences"..actions. meaning in game decisions as well as dialogue choices, will impact aspects of the game.

More on topic.I definitely prefer it when the choices actually impact the characters and scenarios, not just the "ending A,B or X "...It's very hard to pull off.
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