I don't think a console has been more far behind than the Wii U for it's time.

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squatch22 posted...
Jet_Set_Radi_Go posted...
PS3 has a better CPU

So it's actually weak from every angle

Gameboy had a 'more powerful' CPU than Game Gear and Atari Lynx...

Genesis also has a better CPU than SNES. However, most games that are on both run better on SNES anyway because it is superior in every other respect.

Bad ports are always possible, though. PS3 is stronger than 360 in almost every respect, yet the 360 versions of many games run better because they were optimized for 360.
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-No universal account system

-no Ethernet port
true but over used considering how cheap you can get one

-grossly underpowered
This has been debunked to be false, sure its weaker but nowhere near the gap of Wii and PS3

-OS is slower than last gen OS, including for the Wii
old info and false. Wii U's OS is fine now, has been since April

-barely any internal memory, must buy harddrive if you are a digital buyer.
very true

-must buy traditional controller (does not come with it)
Double sided answer. All Wii controllers work with the system, including CCP. It's the only new system thats BC with controllers from its predecessor.

-Internet runs poorly and crashes
False. Internet works great. Crashing comes down to specific apps like Netflix or sites like youtube. I have yet to experience any crashing on a game.

Obviosly you are not a Wii U owner.
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Now I remember why I dislike hipsters.
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