Do you honestly believe that W101 is worth $60?

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3 years ago#11
Its a huge game with a ton of unlockables.

I've definitely spent full price on worse games with less content. Get it if you want something challenging.
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3 years ago#12
Yes. I bought it at full price at launch and it's definitely worth it. One of the best action games I've played in a long time.
3 years ago#13
Fusion916 posted...
The Wii U itself isn't worth $60.

Ouch haha.
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3 years ago#14
Not even close. It's obviously a better game than what i'm about to bring up, but even tank tank tank has a dedicated following that not only believe that tank tank tank was a solid purchase at $60, but also think that tank tank tank is in the top 5 action games of all time. Theyre on miiverse right now seriously eondering what everyones problem is.

Nothing against peoples ability to be happy with what they bought, but, you know...

Tank tank tank.
3 years ago#15
After playing through it, yes. Yes, I do.
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3 years ago#16
Fusion916 posted...
The Wii U itself isn't worth $60.

Exactly. It's worth more. Glad you agree. - Lazer Light Studios - Home of the MM2 PTC project
3 years ago#17
What does a "$40 game" look like? Hey, I think Beyond 2 Souls looks like an interactive blu-ray movie, and I personally won't pay $60 for that. So I won't touch that game for more than $20.
3 years ago#18
Hell yeah! So much content and lots of replay ability.
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3 years ago#19
I'm about halfway through the game now and I can easily say that it is worth it. It is gradually becoming one of my favorite games ever. Top notch game.
3 years ago#20
It has more content than any current so called "GoTY", aside from GTA 5.

So yes, I do think it's worth $60.
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