Is the recent "Nintendo" fans hating "Sony" fans because fo Wii U failing?

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LaManoNeraII posted...
People have hated Sony fans long before the Wii U. Nobody like Sony fans. They're an embarassment

All fanboys are embarassing, not just Sony's.
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Nintendo fans hating Sony started when PS got Final Fantasy VII and N64 got nothing.
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I am a Nintendo fan and I am not mad at Sony at all. I am actually happy for them. I am more feeling sorry for Nintendo.

However, I do have a problem with the Nintendo haters just because of the sells of the Wii U.
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DarkZV2Beta posted...
Hasn't changed a bit, actually. It's always like this when a new generation starts.

You're one of the largest trolls on the PS4 forums.
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I own a Wii U and i respect sony during the PS2 era of gaming and still do, i have the PS3 and it sits collecting dust along with the 20+ games i have cause thats all that i wanted from it, too many first person shooters and GTA clones which flooded the market and killed the system for me. I did like Sony for the whole PS2 era of gaming but the PS3 isn't for me and not buying a PS4 unless they do something amazing with the games and gets ones i'm interested in.

I love my nintendo games even if they don't have a selection as big as other consoles but the ones they have (1st party games at least) I'll always love.
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You're taking the internet forums a little too seriously.

1) 90% of people in real life and online choose to be dumb/ignorant/

2) Yes the Wi U Sucks....I told you that before a long long time ago.

3) Many people like to feel like winners by choosing a sports team or get behind a popular product brand and ignore their real life goals...quite sad really.
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i heard sony fans are referred to as cockroaches

See this weird blind hate for Sony fans all of a sudden @_@. Must suck to blindly hate something, you miss out on tons of fun games.

Not blind hate.

Of course, both Microsoft and Nintendo fanboys have earned their own insulting nicknames in Japan. But "Cockroaches" (or "GK-buri") was actually one of the nicknames earned by Sony fanboys in Japan, because some of the most fervent fanboys for Sony in Japan could be right traced back to a proxy server ( )... A proxy server owned and used by Sony itself.

The very premise behind your topic is easily proven to be false:

For those picking at least two consoles of the 8th gen, "PS4 and Wii U" continue to be the most popular option, just as "PS3 and Wii" was for the 7th gen.

If anything, past polls here (PS3 vs 360 vs Wii) suggests that if anything, "Nintendo" gamers are usually the more open minded ones, and more likely to also own at least one other console.
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Ever notice how the ability to generalize, and a general lack of intelligence, are directly proportional?

Ever notice small simple statements make someone sound intelligent with out the need for them to be so? It's because the average dumb person can't focus for more then 100 words. So to these people you are their heroes.

Nah I think Rasputin hit the nail on the head about your post.
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People have hated Sony fans long before the Wii U. Nobody like Sony fans. They're an embarassment