It's hilarious how the Pony's think Mario 3D World, WWHD, W101,,,,,,,,

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For all 'intensive' (serioulsy?) purposes, it only took Nintendo over a year to get some worthwhile titles under their belt, eh? I guess just a little less than a year if you consider an hd remake of a 10 year old game and a game with fairly middling reviews.....worthwhile. I don't.
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So we will have this:

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First off TC as a Nintendo ONLY fan you disgust me as you appear to have no class. Second not that I would buy a system that supports paying to use my OWN internet but Knack actually looked interesting. Then we have the fact that I was so turned off by that obnoxious developer of W101 I refuse to buy it. My mother downloaded the W101 demo and it looked decent but nothing spectacular. As for Windwaker it's an enhanced port and is really not impressive in the least. DKCR Idk if it will be that great it looks very similar to the original DKCR but we will have to wait and see. Now I am excited for Super Mario 3D World from seeing the latest trailer..
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freezeman posted...
Intents and purposes *

I both laugh and die a little on the inside whenever I see someone make that error.
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By furthering an imaginary battle, you are guilty of treason upon gamer kind. All of your saves will be remotely deleted by the GSA. Have fun with your tiger handhelds ,fanboy . The real gamers will ostracize you until you give up and perish. Game over, fisto.
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I think anyone with common sense knows that the PS4 won't have much going for it when it launches. It's rather hypocritical to say that the PS4 with almost nothing is worth it for $400 is worth it, while the Wii U for $300 + game and a good line-up of games already out and coming soon is overpriced. It doesn't matter that the PS4 is much more powerful, since you'd be paying $400 for a paperweight with no backwards compatability.

Yeah, the PS4 will get plenty of good games in the future. But currently, the Wii U for $300 + game is a way better deal than a PS4 for $400 with no game, considering the libaries for the systems.
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Wii U has the better lineup but PS4 has more appeal to the masses.

As much as I love Nintendo, they failed hard, ridiculously hard, to communicate their product. IT's so bad that's it's actually embarassing. People, RIGHT NOW, still haven't figured out Wii U is a new console and not a Wii add on.

They lost this gen. All they can hope for is to beat the Xbone.
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Oh wow, a console that's been around for a year has a better line up than a console that will just be launching. Oh gosh, oh my gosh.
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