Ok, WWHD's framerate... here's the truth

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TheWiseAlaundo posted...
I've been playing video games for 35 years and I can tell you for a fact, from merely observing the game, that is running exactly at 42 FPS. trust me, I'm an expert and I compared it to CoD to verify my results. That's my expert opinion, and therefore, infallible.


You cheater!
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FloridaPanther posted...
Stop paying attention to these tiny details and just enjoy the game already.

The point of a HD port is to improve the graphics.

So this is more than just a "tiny" detail.
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Lefty128k posted...

The point of a HD port is to improve the graphics.

So this is more than just a "tiny" detail.

And a $50 port at that. They certainly didn't put much effort into enhancing the gameplay. A few tweaks here or there doesn't justify a price like that.
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MetroidJunkie posted...
Doesn't the game have framerate issues? Atleast in some areas like the Gohma fight?

I made posts about it after a different user mentioned slow downs in the game during this section and I happened to be in the same area

His claims of consistent drops with bombs seemed false as I only experienced a minor drop with a bomb only 1 time in that entire segment. But his claim with Gohma was pretty damn true and somehow even worse then he let on in my experience.

I can't speak for the entire game as I don't plan on continuing it for quite some time and only did that dungeon cause I saw the topic, but I will say at least that part had some pretty noticeable drops.
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